lundi 3 septembre 2012

Actualité Marie Combes

Imaging Detroit  Modcar's
Résidence artistique 
23 août - septembre 2012
Detroit, Michigan, Etats Unis 

Imaging Detroit  is a collective event and a public assemblage. Between September 21st and 23rd, 2012 the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation will host an unprecedented open assessment and contemporary anthology of Detroit as local and global image.

Imaging Detroit
MODCAR’s fellowship program advances new modes of urban representation and visual analysis. The fellowship is open to artists, architects, urbanists, theorists, and thinkers engaged in innovative modes of image production and dissemination related to contemporary cities. The fellowship program is not geographically or disciplinarily biased. And we encourage applications working with wide range of visual mediums, including, but not limited to video, photography, installation, performance, and film. Fellows receive support in their research and experimentation. The annual program culminates with an exhibit and publication of the work.

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